Tuesday, July 01, 2008

That would be me

That would be me
Okay, I have to share this with ya'll:

"Not necessarily. Some might instead ask why the Bush White House didn't replace Michael Chertoff as secretary of homeland security after a House report condemned his bungling of Katrina. The man didn't know what was happening in the New Orleans Convention Center even when it was broadcast on national television."

This is from an op-ed piece on Charlie Black's interview with Fortune where he said a terrorist attack would help McCain gain the presidency. What made me laugh was the last line about Michael Chertoff not knowing what was happening in the Convention Center even when it was broadcast on national television. That is so something I would do. Completely oblivious. Of course, I would not have settled for TV, I would have been telling the Air National Guard to get me down there on the ground, but still, I would not have been watching TV.

Really, the article is precious. And it taught me a new word this morning: Bloviating: to speak pompously. Used in a sentence (again, thanks and shout-outs to Mr. Friedman) "These nights you can still find Mr. Rove hawking his numbers as he peddles similar G.O.P. happy talk to credulous bloviators at Fox News."

Bloviators. What a GREAT word! Sounds like Bovine...So you just get the idea of something large and filled with air and maybe not all that bright and booyah - it's the truth!!!

Okay, I have to get back to IMing at work...I am working too though. Just on hold...forever.

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