Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Pavarotti Perspective

So, the day started out shitty. I've not wanted to wake up for three days in a row. Just haven't wanted to, couldn't make myself blah. Then, I drag ass to work and I have an employee with THREE teeth that need to be extracted (wtf? how does it get so out of control) and another one in the middle of a lovelife crisis (again, WTF?)

Needing some *assistance* and being unable to smoke or drink at 10:30 am, i pop in a little pavarotti. He makes it all better. Opera lends a sense of grandiosity to ones life. Suddenly all the little things happening around me seemed insignificant. Patients who show every sign of serious drug abuse - no problem. Bills need paying - whatever. Life is life, Opera is life, such is life, get over all of it.

I spend my day hashing out a new direction for the company and wondering why I didn't take up escorting when I was young and nubile Heh Heh Heh. The music lures our newest MD into the office and since I find her entertaining that's not a bad thing. I also take a great deal of amusement in guessing her sexual orientation. They always turn out to be straight as blades, but this is fun for me. Is she, isn't she, is she, isn't she??? She's a jock, but she does her nails. Gender identity is so fawking confusing nowadays. It was simpler in the wilds of San Francisco when you could just say MtF, or FtM, or gay, Straight-ish - you know, it was easier to tell.

Oh well, I just finished Walter Moseley's Blonde Faith so I'm on to a new novel.

Mazel Tov!

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