Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Breakfast At Tiffany's

I just increased my pulse for a few minutes by taking a brisk 20 min. walk/food run/windshield wiper discovery journey down the main thoroughfare in front of the hospital. then, i looked at this slideshow
which furthered my pulse rate! yea for BOIs!!!! the calendar touts itself as the first one for Bois, but that isn't hardly true. before rog-the-frog went all bipolar she was in one (in naval uniform, no less) back in 89 or 90. plus there was an annual in sf for the sf/la connection.

anyway, i digress witha history lesson.i am in fact back on the plantation not yet convinced slavery fits me so well. i'll think of it as indentured servitude, one day i too shall be free to live in poverty. well, relative poverty.

i'm really hungry. am i making any sense. let me eat and get back to ya'll later. all i have in my stomach is a madarin orange and some water.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm Not Aware of Too Many Things

But I know what I know, if you know what I mean:

Okay, so what am I sure of? Hardly myself at this point, though that is slowly shifting. I swear, I've heard it said that if you live long enough you will learn how to live in this world. And I just may be catching on. No great revelations of anything over here, just pleasure in the small gleanings such as: Work like a Slave if you Want to Live like a King.

Find some things that give you pleasure.

Superheroes definately need secret identities and costumes.

My inner child has earned her whuppings.

A woman in any shape or form is still a woman.

Same for men.

Sometimes, no matter how smart you are, you are really, really dumb.

The book is never finished. It just stops at some point that may or may not be acceptable to the writer and reader.

Good music will break writer's block.

and a Change is sometimes just as good as Rest, but is in no way a substitute for regular rest.

Orange juice can fix almost any minor ailment.

A legitimate illness can cure any hypocondriac notions in 5 seconds flat.

You make your own luck, your own bed, and that's about all.