Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It Was the Sweetest Thing I've Known

Gentle Reader,

I've always wanted to start a book that way: Gentle Reader. Doesn't it make you feel warm, cuddly and welcomed?

Wow. Distractions by Zero 7 just launched on the iPod and the singer's voice is entirly too melismatic. In a great sense, melismatic. OOoh! A Banner for Zwinkies. Maybe I'll make me one! i don't want a doe-eyed lady zwinky, though, i want a slant-eyed, steaming, sexy zwinky. I want a boy zwinky with hair.

Tomorrow I go back to Club Med for another weeklong stay. Hurrah! Only problem is I'm hungry right now. Getting ready for the plunge usually isn't so bad but liquid diets more or less blow when you've been eating nonstop for two weeks to get ready for all the non-eating that will follow surgery as I have been doing. In retrospect it probably would have been wiser to start tapering off the eating instead of increasing to include all the foods I haven't had in 6 months.

For the record, my last meal was spectacular and if I was going to regret something, I'm glad that's what I'm regretting. I had seared (rare) ahi tuna in a sesame sauce with a cast-iron mini-pot of cheddar macaroni. For an appetizer I enjoyed lamb lollipops with concord grade chili compote and fragrant Lavender Jasmine tea. Just detailing the meal makes me happy. It also makes me salivate, but that could be because it's time to refill the liquids in my body.

Well, guess I'll shove off and get to refilling.

Ciao! (for at least a week

Friday, September 07, 2007

Love a Con Day

"My Big Brother was Big's brother..."

yeah, so i copped Kan-yizzle's new joint. Love a newsgroup all the time. Today I watched 'Talk to Me' about Petey Greene of Dolemite fame. I love movies about people making moves.

And every time I think of that phrase I finish it with "like a person in jail" - courtesy of Big Boi.

I'm Coming Home Again...damn if Yizzle didn't do it with this Coldplay mashup....

So, yeah, con love. Not that i'm advocating getting locked up and all that because really, jail is not good for the complexion or constitution. However, i do respect people who make moves and you can find big movers the world around, including in the penal system.

Talk to Me prompted this line of thought because the protagonist, Petey Greene, was an ex-con and in his words, nothing more than a con and a thief who told the truth. His method of telling the truth was super sharp and killer funny and Don Cheadle played the man to the teeth, to the bone, to the heart and soul of the character. Chiwetel Ejiofor played the other protagonist, Dewey Hughes, who cofounded Radio One Network with his (wife? - i don't feel like doing the research) Cathy Hughes, who he also launched as a D.C. disc jockey. Dewey was not a con but he was a determined businessman.

Dewey opened the door for Petey Greene, launched Petey Greene, managed Petey Greene - he was the man with the vision and the method and he even found that he didn't need Petey to always be his voice.

But the point of the Con love is that we should remember we can always learn from people, even people who have been removed from society and marginalized into another place. Those lives don't stop, they simply transform into a new system and it's a hell of a system.

Really, Kanye's album is the hotness. I grabbed Graduation and Curtis and determined to see which was the best for myself. I think professional competition is a great thing. I'm starting to get my minerals back and get interested in putting my foot into the world. I'll never be of the world again, I haven't been in a long time, but I'm slowly beginning to see the world beyond my body and deciding how I might fit into the world beyond Club Med.

Maybe that's why Con Love strikes me tonight, other than Petey Greene. At points in life I suppose we all find ourselves wondering where our place is. Club Med gave me some hard lessons in placement, but I can't stow away forever.

Graduation ya'll.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Ice Cream & Superman

Is there anything better than low-sugar vanilla ice cream with whipped cream (aaaaaaah!) and a superhero movie with a lead who is just so damn sexy that it makes the teeth ache.

That Brandon Routh is a whole lot of American goodness. And I thought no one would make my blood pressure increase the way Christopher Reeve does. The people who cast this movie did quite fine by me. Better than Wentworth Miller and I am a huge Wentworth enthusiast. Lovely looking men all around, it's a great time to be a woman.

WAIT! He flies. He Glides....I wish I could glide and fly. His eyes match his outfit and he has a cleft chin. Be still my beating heart...

The other major superhero hottie in my heart is Hayden Christiansen from Star Wars six and seven. More from Star Wars Seven. Scorrrrrrching.

Well, my breathing has gone irregular, I need to concentrate on mouth-breathing through this movie...