Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Golden Brown Angel

Well, here I am in the country. It's a good life. I like the emails. I'm probably more fond of the animals than anything. They are so lovvvvving. All lovvey dovey without any expectations whatsoever.

The little sister counts as an animal. LOL.

I don't sleep at my house. I wonder why that is. There was the whole "leaf-blower" incident yesterday morning at 7:30 am. Such an early hour seems a ridiculous time to have trim work done around the external of the building, beneath my bedroom window. But hey, I may have just been cranky. I doubt it though.

Not too much going on this way. This month's (belatedly started) project: Start a new business! Last month I wrote a novel. I suppose I don't know how to do things in a small way. We'll see how this turns out. I've told my biz partner I don't want to meet in person any longer, but that will shift. It's just, right now, you know, meetings are productive. While he's a joy to behold, one can only do so much looking before the shiny rubs right on off and you become immune to the accented handsomeness across from you. I'd rather be surprised and struck dumb for 3-5 seconds once every other month.

I placed an ad to replace that roguish employee of mine and in 10 hours I've amassed 400 resumes. I will evaluate them in small bites. It brought home for me the fact that this economy is *really fucked up.* However, for every door that is closed, a window opens. In addition to people peeling off jobs like clothes in South Florida, there has also been a reduction of dependence on credit by corporations and individuals. I think I rhapsodized in the past about LayAway making a comeback. The idea that people will own things again, things they work hard to buy with out an attendant 30% interest rate is entirely too exciting for me.

I don't think the Auto Industry merits a bailout, but let them have this cash now, everyone needs a little cash to see them out the door. I think they would be more innovative, much more quickly, if they were left to fend for themselves without this particular infusion of funds - the CEOs would go out the door and the Boards would get deeply creative in solving their problems. Such is life, one day they will pay the piper.

Does anyone else love Burn It Blue from the Frieda Kahlo soundtrack? That Lila Downs give me goosebumps!