Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Estonian Morning to You All!

I don't even know where Estonia is. Alright, that's a lie, I did look it up recently, it's Northern Europe. Estonia. Right.

Lately Estonia has been heavy in my life. My friend tried to get an Iphone from Estonia on my advice. I found an ad in the newspaper and the price was right. I figured they got thrown off the back of a bus in China and it would be all good. Unfortunately the phone never showed up. Estonia incident #1.

Then I got hooked on this song Walking on Air by Kerli. I thought the name was a little odd. Well, where is little miss Kerli from? Estonia. She rocks too.

Now I have a new estonian artist, Lakissiva, she's quirky and weird and is like bjork without all the electronica and more fucked up accent.

Maybe I should plan to visit Estonia soon. I do have a free plane ticket and Paris is always there.

Happy Estonian Morning to you all!

P.S. - Katinka-the-big-white-dog is now declared to be from Estonia.
P.P.S. - My word. Estonian Reggaeton. Get OUT!!!!

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